EFC Club

The EFC Club offers practicing sportive épée fencing for people who are 18 years of age or older and who finished our fencing courses or practiced fencing in the past.
If you are a former member of Kolejarz WKS or any other fencing club from Wrocław, feel free to join our fencing trainings. You will gain a special status - in your case the monthly payment will amount to PLN 60 (unlimited entrance during the hours of EFC trainings).

Members of the club may participate in fencing training under the guidance of an instructor. Within the scope of classes, participants will have the chance to take part in sparring with electronic registration of hits by means of fencing apparatus, individual exercises and exercising in pairs, consultations with the instructor, exercises covering the work of legs, general exercises. Each training lasts for 90 minutes and is conducted according to the schedule. The cost of each training depends on the selected option (amount of purchased training hours).

Trainings take place in fencing room at
"KOLEJARZ" Wroclaw Fencing Club
in Wrocław, at ul. Krasińskiego 30B.

Purchase of the given option is also a membership fee.


the right to participate in four 90-minute trainings
(once a week, four times a month)

Cost - PLN 120


the right to participate in eight 90-minute trainings
(twice a week, 8 times a month)

Cost - PLN 180


unlimited participation in trainings, one-off payment
(unlimited entrance during the work of an instructor conducting recreational classes)

Cost - PLN 1200/year