EFC Regulations

Regulations binding all members of the EFC.

1. Only a person who is 18 years of age, who has finished the basic fencing training or has previously practiced fencing on a professional level can become a member of the EFC club.
2. Each member of the EFC club is obliged to have the essential fencing equipment (complete fencing outfit with protector-plastron, mask, glove, épée, body cord).
3. Each member of the EFC club participates in training on his or her own responsibility, as far as physical endurance and health is concerned.
4. When training in the sports room, we always wear sport shoes.
5. We fight and we train with weapon only when wearing complete fencing outfit and mask (protector-plastron is obligatory, in case of women a breast protector is also obligatory).
6. After taking off the mask, it is essential to remain cautious when staying close to people fighting or training with weapons.
7. We respect the equipment of the fencing room.
8. Only people who paid the membership fee shall have the right to participate in trainings.
9. Apart from the EFC Regulations, training participants shall be obliged to follow the regulations of the rented room and the whole facility.