Fencing fight - duel

Fencing duel for people who desire to try their hands in fencing fight using sportive épée.

You've never tried fencing, but you are still curious how would you do in a fencing duel - join us and try.

You've trained fencing before and you want to check how will you do in épée duel - our club gives you the chance to try.

Write or call us and schedule a duel. You can fight with an EFC fencer or come with your fencing partner.

We will provide equipment and guidance.

The duel lasts 12 minutes, 3 tierces, each of them lasting 3 minutes, as well as two 1.5 minute breaks (after the 1st and the 2nd tierce). The fencer who scores more hits wins the duel.

The duel is judged by the instructor, according to sportive fencing regulations.

The price includes renting the complete fencing equipment.

Date to be scheduled at 601 471 311 or via e-mail: info@szermierka4u.pl

Price of a single duel: PLN 40 /person.







Kurs prowadzi
Tomasz Gorząd

Czołowy polski szpadzista w latach 70-tych. Wieloletni członek klubu sportowego WKSz Kolejarz Wrocław.

Zapisy na kurs

Wszystkich chcących wziąść udział w naszych zajęciach prosimy o kontakt telefoniczny lub mailowy:

tel.: +48 601 471 311
e-mail: info@szermierka4u.pl